Action; Backdated to the 10/12; Around town.

[Upon her arrival Mindfang had awoken in a drone filled house, which naturally resulted in her dear drone husband nearly being thrown out the window before she recovered from the surprise and started to press him for information. The man laughed, proclaiming she must be sick, oh it's going around, you can still make breakfast though right, no time to stop, Christmas is coming dear, I'm sure you have a lot to do.

Never the less the man ended up making his own breakfast then. As for the kids well. They were at least respectful enough.

The next few days she had spent inside, observing the drone family coming and going, learning what she could from them. This body was that of a humans she learnt. Her body was weak. Though at least she had her arm back, and her eye even if it wasn't seven pupiled. The sun wasn't dangerous, and that white stuff outside was snow and it was cold. She learnt that lesson well enough. Telephone calls were answered by the kids, mother dearest forcing them into it, while she eavesdropped from another line.

When she felt ready, Mindfang finally stepped outside to prowl around the town. For anyone that has met Vriska there's a striking resemblance between the two, Mindfang would find it easy to pass as an older version of the younger troll, or a mother or relative of some sort. Which she is in a way, but anyway. All rugged up in a thick black coat, high boots and pants she's stolen from her husband, she swaggers through the streets, looking for a familiar face or at least someone she doesn't think is one of those drones.

She needs more answers]
You there! Stop, and come here. I have a question for you.

Phone; After the walk around town.

Well, isn't this an interesting place. Soooooooo many interesting people, hmm... 

For those who haven't met me. Marquise Spinneret Mindfang. A pleasure for you, I'm sure. Now onto more important things. Like information. Give it to me, if you have it. Otherwise just go, I'm not in the mood for silly chit chat. Unless you make your fawning over myself very very good.


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